Some of Print Products I offer...

All Products are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. All prices are subject to NY sales tax at the current rate at the time of the sale. Product availability may vary. Prices subject to change without notice

Achival Quality Prints

Kodak Professional Endura Premier Lustre paper. Closely related to matte prints but with a slight sheen. Achival life of 100+ years. Recommended framing prints without glass, so their true beauty can show without glare! 

Archival Quality Prints Mounted on Mat Board

​Achival print professionally mounted on 14-ply board with a thickness of 1/16''. This allows your image to last longer due to the extra support it's recieving and it will also be ready to frame.

Stand Out

An Eikon favorite! ​Hang it exactly as it arrives, no need to frame! Light weight and has grooved holes in the back for hanging. Standouts have 1.75'' textured edge along the sides, in your choice of white or black. 

Luxury Albums and Guest Books

Thick pages, image and leather cover options. Designed to be handed down through the generations.​ ​​

Portrait Session

Every session is unique. At first contact we will discuss your needs and wants.We will get to know each other a little better. We will discuss outfits, hair and makeup. I can make recommendations for hair and makeup artists. I own the pink dress seen in my images and I also have some luxurious fabrics and props to add to fine art dramatic styled shoots.

We will discuss locations, dreams, visions, lighting and everything in between to achieve the look. I am available for phone, email or inperson consultations. My goal for the session is to deliver amazing images! Something as unique as you. That luxurious magic no one else around is offering through advanced digital manipulation and artistic vision. It's important for me that you walk away from your session feeling like you had an amazing experience, and excited for the reveal!

Session typically last 1-2 hours and can be at the location of your choice or you own home. If you don't have anything in mind I can recommend a few places based on the look we are working to achieve. Multiple locations are included. I encourage clients to bring any props or heirloom pieces that may be special to your family. 

My style is figure flattering poses, the use of natural light as well as special effects and off camera lighting. Some images are based on honest interactions and candid expressions. Some might be a little silly, if they capture your child at that age appropriately, along with some really special moments and a mix of traditional portraits. The big moments and the inbeweens unique to you and your family. I am excellent with children and current clients have praised me on this. Since I have 2 boys of my own, 6 year old (Harland) and 4 year old (Kaysen), I feel completely at ease and enjoy interacting with children! Since childhood is such a magical special time (and such a blur to us parents) I want to capture those moments in portrait photography that you will cherish forever. The products I offer are all absolute top quality designed to be handed down from generation to generation. 

After your session I will spend a minimum of 2 weeks going through the images to find the best, editing them myself by hand (no cheap filters or short cuts taken here), I include creative edits with some packages.

We will then schedule a reveal party. I recommend this being at your own home so I can help you with picking the perfect sizes for your walls, smaller prints for coffee tables and picking out prints for family members (don't forget grandparents!) Albums are another great option. We might laugh, we might cry, as my heart and soul is poured into my art and I love sharing this with you! I will guide you through the ordering process and payment options. You may share with family members and order any additional prints. When your order comes in it will be inspected, packaged and delivered by me personally, to your door!

​If you're not interested in buying prints, digital packages are also available.

Coffee house ordering sessions are also an option, as I understand sometimes mom and dad just need a night out without the kids. 

Please contact me for information on booking and pricing tailored to your type of session. Sessions Starts at $175